Inspired by Deafstyle, The Foodbarn and Nitida sorroundings







In the valley knelt a lady, a mother figure

She kNeels-Till-Dark

She kNeels-Till-Dawn

Two decades past, she had a Nitidized birth,

While kNeeling-Til’-Dark,

After she bagged a tiger in the valley,

And rested atop her handmade dam creation


“Cassia!” , she applauded,

Smilingly awaiting her coronation,

Still kNeeling-Til’-Dark,

Offering incense to her good spirits,

She built a Temple-At-kNeel-To-Dance point of the valley


“kNeel-Till-Dark!” She had conquered Tygerberg Valley as her own, by bagging the famous valley tiger!


With your cultured respect, so astounding

And refining,

She knelt on top of the dam,

Waiting for her coronation

She has been, she still is




Backdated to 1990,

She was born to be crowned, self-taught to rule the world,

By paralyzing your taste glands, as she gives birth to proud siblings, firstborn:

A very confident sauvignon blanc, who grew to be amongst the Proteas of South Africa,

Not as a famous cricketer, but as great company on contemporary dining,

She is real and honest, especially with barned food – very much like her other sisters and brothers,

Just what a big sister should be and be - an emblem

All this you enjoy,

In the motherly belly of the valley,

Complimented with select spices – leading you to Cassia


Welcome to kNeel-Til’-Dawn!

For bright, shiny and healthy reunion, with a cultured wine estate,

Born out of the need to serve the hunger for great wine,

With a passion!

Bearing her hallmarks,

Are all sons and daughters you brought to see the light,

At birth, they saw table mountain, while clinging to mother soil, nourished as a vine,

Hopes became high and bolder than the iconic mountain


Before coronation,

You paralysed our glands,

So we could only say Coronata!

Another daughter of yours! Our flagship white blend!

In an attempt to create,

A diagrammatical representation of data,

Call-it-a-graph, to document taste glands paralysis,

Opposite the Temple-at-kNeel-to-Dance establishment,

You corrected our taste glands paralysis survey

Call-it-a-graph, yes!

Calligraphy! Wow!

It’s a boy! He’s a boy! He’s our brother!


We kissed him in a glassy style,

Bleeding our tears of joy

It’s a mystery,

Yes! It’s a combination of two mysteries,


Sharing the same survival techniques:

100% Passion, Handmade, Real

Only in true Deafstyle can you successfully unmask these masters of mystery,

All in the same but two valleys apart,

Both in  almost equidistant to both oceans on either side

Breezing excellence deserving verification for accolades,

Already owed and overdue!


We stamped and approved three banned food courses!

For a once in a lifetime experience,

To eat out all your phobia for barned food,

And be certified thereafter, in true Deafstyle.

We nodded as we got hooked, to these courses in Noordhoek,

The course venue being The Foodbarn,

Now offering:

Three optional courses with a Nitidized certificate paired with barned food , at The Foodbarn,

Which is Franckly Dangereuxs!

Your waiter will graduate you,

On completion of cause!

After graduation,

In cases of ecstasy,

You’re allowed to kNeel-Till-Dark!

And eat all your barned food again!

Till you’re at NITIDA

And The Foodbarn,

Then you will be a banned Deafstyle alumni!

Just like me!

Welcome to the Deaf community,

In true Deafstyle,

We’re just another mystery to discover,

As you’re touched by our Deaf Hands @ Work

Caution: in case of emergency – use your hands to sign!